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Difficult Travel Terminologies


Why did my "Direct Flight" stop on the way?


A "DIRECT FLIGHT" does not mean a "Non-stop" journey. However, a “Direct Flight” doesn’t means that you will have to get out of the plane in middle of your journey. Mostly this happens due to the refueling purpose. This is called “GROUND ELAPSE” in travel industry.

On the other hand, a "NON STOP" flight does not require “GROUND ELAPSE” from airport A to B.ey charge only for a seat for flight. In case of baggage, meals and other facilities you have to pay extra, also they use small planes in which you can’t get leg room.



What is the difference between Charter and Scheduled flights?


CHARTER FLIGHT: It is not provided by the airline. This is a special service which may operate only on special occasions and on specific areas. These flights are quite cheaper as compare to airlines because they charge only for a seat for flight. In case of baggage, meals and other facilities you have to pay extra, also they use small planes in which you can’t get leg room.

SCHEDULED FLIGHT: is sold by the airlines or the travel companies. These flights are operated by airlines on daily or weekly basis..


What is an e-ticket?


The "E" in an "e-ticket" stands for "electronic ". Now airlines are not giving paper tickets. The E-ticket consists of a long number which is called E- Ticket number, you have to give this number at the airline desk at the time of check in, and the airline will retrieve passenger’s data. So even if your printed ticket is lost you don’t have to worry, all you need to do is call your agent or airline and get that long number.

What to Do if my E-ticket is Lost?


If your E-ticket is lost, you can call your agent or respective airline. Either they will resend your E-ticket or give you E-ticket number. So no worries at all.

What does Open Jaw trip stands for?


An OPEN-JAW TRIP means that you are flying from airport A to B, and coming backfrom C back to A. Same return airport is not necessary.

Another example is if you are going from London to New York and coming back from Washington to London. So that means you are having an Open-Jaw ticket.

What are Flight Taxes? Why Should I Pay them?

The Ticket price consist of “Base Fare” & “TAX”:

  1. BASE FARE is the basic price of the ticket which is charging by respective airline.
  2. TAX, is the price which passenger have to pay with the base fare, it includes Government taxes, Airport taxes and furl surcharge. All passengers have to pay the taxes when they are buying the air ticket.

What is Fare Break Down?


You can ask for a Fare Breakdown, if you are wondering about how much the Basic fare and what are the taxes you are paying. When a travel agent gives a quotation about the flight that includes all the taxes. But its better if you ask your agent that the price is “Inclusive” Or “Exclusive” of taxes.

What is the difference between Exclusive and Inclusive Fare?

  1. EXCLUSIVE FARE: it is the "Base Fare" only without the taxes. You will get a quotation with the taxes as it has to be paid altogether at the time of ticket purchase.
  2. INCLUSIVE FARE: It is the "total flight cost" that includes all the taxes. But you still can enquire whether is there any credit card charges?

What is a Package Holiday?


A HOLIDAY PACKAGE: Package holiday means that you are buying accommodations, airport transfers, car hire, and flights etc. altogether in one package. Usually “HOLIDAY PACKAGE” cost you cheaper as compare to book all services one by one.


What does Ground Elapse/Touch Down means?


GROUND ELAPSE / TOUCH DOWN: If it is written on your ticket that you have a "DIRECT FLIGHT" and not specifically "NON-STOP FLIGHT" it means that your flight can stop in midway for fuel purpose etc. Usually Ground Elapse/Touch Down does not require plane change and flight will departs immediately once refueled.


The Steps to Reserve a Flight


Can Booking over the phone or internet includes any FEE?


No, there is no extra charge to book a ticket, all you have to pay the ticket price inclusive of taxes.But travel insurance, credit card, third party  card or availing any 'special facility' may cause any additional charges. For all other service charges please enquire at the time of purchase.


Do I have to make full payment at the time of reservation?


No, you can book your flights at as low as 50 GBP. But deposit does not guarantee the fare. It only holds your seat for certain time and you have to pay your balance by the due date written on the contract/flight itinerary sent to you at the time of booking. It is strongly advised balance  payment should be made by the due date to avoid fare or tax difference which will be applicable once changed.


What if the spellings on my name on the ticket are incorrect?


It is strongly recommended that you notify your respective agent immediately if there is any spelling mistake in your name, title or order of name. Name spellings should be as per your passport.


How to make sure that my tickets are Booked? And if the booking is genuine ?


There are two types of booking, a booking on a small deposit and a booking on full payment.

  1. In case if paying only a small deposit or partial payment, you will receive the "BOOKING CONFIRMATION" email with the "BOOKING REFERENCE NUMBER" written on the top of your flight itinerary. This booking reference number can be given to airline and get the confirmation whether your booking is made on respective dates.
  2. However, if you made the full payment and also fulfills all other requirements as stated by the travel consultant in the "Confirmation email", the passenger will receive an e-ticket. You cannot travel without E-ticket as E-ticket is the only valid travel document not the “BOOKING REFERENCE NUMBER

What should I do once my tickets are issued?


All you need to do is take a print out of your ticket and keep it in your hand with passport and all other travel documents at the time of check in, also call 48 hours before your flight to your travel agent or airline directly to check if your flight is departing on time or is there any schedule change.


Can I use my card for payment of someone else's flights? What are the requirements for third party card?


Due to security reason we don’t accept third party card payments.


How to make a Group Reservation? Is there any discount for Groups?


You can call us anytime to make Group Reservation but it must be made well before travelling dates as getting large number of seats on a specific date is quite difficult. Also, some airlines do not permit to book seats for more than ^ people, on the other hand some airlines offer cheap fares for group reservations. Always ask your travel consultant in detail about the group reservation conditions.


Why on same day reservation fare is high as compare to other ticket for same date?


If you are going on a same destination on the same dates it is not necessary that price of ticket will be same for all the passengers. As limited number of seats is on the promotional price and once those seats are sold out the remaining seats price will be regular one. So always book in advance and make the final payment by due date to get the best..


Last minute booking cheaper or Expensive?


In simple words, last minute bookings are expensive or sometime you don’t get a seat in a same day flight. So its highly advised to buy your ticket well before time to get the cheapest option. However in case of emergency flights always give us a call so that we can give you the best available price.


Booking early is Cheap? How early you should book?


Booking early is always cheap, book at least four months before departure date. Also booking early gives you more options with different airlines so that you can book your dream holiday.


Can I come to a different airport on arrival?


If you are using an Open-Jaw ticket you surely can come to different airport if airline is operating in both airports.Also you can fly from Heathrow and come back to Birmingham, but it may cost you slightly expensive.


Do Infants require a ticket or seat?


Yes, infants (less than two years) require a ticket. You can book infant’s ticket by your agent. If you need a separate seat for your baby, you have to pay the child’s fare which is almost 75% of the adult fare.

But if you don’t need a seat for your baby and you can carry her/him in your lap than you can pay infant fare which is almost 15% of adult fare.

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